InkaOffice Password Recovery Tool

Today is the first release of my InkaOffice Password Recovery Tool v1.0.0.
Please notice, that this tool requires a valid InkaOffice license to use, due to legal issues.


  • Execute setup.exe
  • Change directory where have installed the application
  • Execute “InkaOfficePasswordRecoverTool.exe”
  • If the application can find your “Settings.xml” configuration file, you get your recovered password directly.
  • If not so, you need to specify the path where your “Settings.xml” is located. The most times you find it in your local application data (e.g. Windows 7: “C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Micros-Fidelio\InkaOffice\1.X“. Please notice, that I developed this tool with the main version “1.2”. Other versions should work, too.
  • Download InkaOffice Password Recovery Tool v1.0.0