XBMC Symbian S60 Remote v2 for Nokia E71

The XBMC S60 Remote v2 did not support the Nokia E71: first of all, the resolution was incorrect (320 x 240 px) and the system-call which should select the internet access or default access point fails due to incompatibilty issues.
I corrected these few errors and the application works fine for me now. But, just let me say something about Python: it is pretty shitty. I thought Perl is “wrong”, but it is quite awesome in comparision to Python. Please, do not let me ever work with that crap again!


  • Copy RAR contents to a folder.
  • Connect phone to PC in PCSuite Mode.
  • Install on Phone (using PC Suite or Similar):

    PIPs Installer 1.6 (if you don’t have it already)

  • Modify XBMCRemotev2.py to set your default server address (open file with notepad and change IP:Port on line 4). You can use the xbox’ hostname, too.
  • Modify in the same file the default access point (line 5, here it is: “SS”). If you do not want to use this feature, see the picture below.
  • Create Folder on the memory card on the phone named Python
  • Upload to recently created e:/Python:

    bkg_320-240.png (yeah, this theme pretty sucks…)

  • Disconnect phone.
  • Make sure XBMC is on and HTTP Enabled: Settings->Network->Services->Allow control of XBMC via HTTP
  • Run Python2.0.0 (under aplications)
  • Select Options -> Run and select XBMCRemotev2.py
  • Use butons to control XBMC according to the image displayed.

Link to the unmodified version: HERE


If you do not want to use a default access point, comment out the red marked line and activate the green marked ones. You will be asked everytime you start the application to select the AP which connects to the XBMC.

(Click to enlarge)

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